Hiller developed new Business area

Tradition meets modernity: The Black Forest-based chair and table manufactory’s roots date back to 1936. One constant through all the years has been the spirit of innovation. To this day, the company continues to do what it does best: Combining state-of-the-art technology with Old World craftsmanship to create stacking and folding furniture that merits the "made in Black Forest" seal of quality. Since early 2010, Hiller has been developing into an interiors specialist - with success. In concrete terms, this means the expansion of the traditional product range with new areas of competence such as the design of customized interior concepts from consultation, via development and design, to manufacture and distribution.

Our service comes with heart, soul, and a smile. Hiller is known for its customer-friendly flexibility, as our clientele of retailers, architects, industry, and government will attest.

As a vertically integrated manufacturer with considerable in-house resources, we can deliver affordable solutions for every interior, statutory requirement, and DIN standard. Highly stackable furniture enables effective floor-space management, conserving storage space and saving money. What’s more, we can extend an almost unlimited resupply guarantee for everything from custom shop designs to assembly line products.