Where we are is who we are

Hiller Objektmöbel GmbH is an expert in the field of commercial furniture with a 80-year tradition thanks to our unerring development of the "stack and fold" principle. With approximately 170 employees, Hiller produces over 200,000 chairs and more than 40,000 tables every year. The motto "Made in Black Forest" has become a seal of quality. Quality, sustainability and responsibility are ideas at the heart of the Hiller concept, one of our key objectives is long-term customer satisfaction. Since 1996, Hiller has maintained a quality management system to DIN EN 9001, and the company has been certified according to the environmental management system DIN EN 14001 since 2011.

80 Years Hiller

A German family business celebrates its 80th anniversary in November 2016. Its  history is closely linked with its location in Kippenheim and the Black Forest, strongly reflecting the development of German society since the Second World War. Chairs and tables made of wood, steel and plastic have been the core business of Hiller Objektmöbel GmbH since 1957. And now, following the merger to form SCHNEEWEISS AG Interior, the range of services encompasses all stages of production and logistics from planning and consultation via development and design to manufacture and distribution. The degree of vertical integration is 76 percent. Today, the Hiller name represents innovation, tradition and flexibility. The company is one of three leading manufacturers of commercial furniture in Europe.

In August 2010, the Hiller Group becomes SCHNEEWEISS AG Interior. The new type of enterprise increases the leeway to ensure flexible capital adjustment to the continued expansion of the group in the long term and competitively further expand vertical integration, creative innovation and export volumes. At the same time, company directors Juergen Dreher and Alexander Allgaier want to continue the exceptionally respected tradition of preserving the owner-operated family business. In autumn 2011, they acquire all shares in the company; as board chairman, Juergen Dreher becomes the majority shareholder.

Looking back at 80 years of Hiller Objektmoebel, Juergen Dreher praised the achievements of his predecessors: "In Hiller, we have a perfect existing basis for taking on strategic expansion and generating growth. Hiller is the nucleus of SCHNEEWEISS AG Interior. Without the companies' philosophy and the creative innovations of Rolf Hiller, there would be no SCHNEEWEISS AG."

For the owner, there is nothing more satisfying than reflecting on the development of the company from the standpoint of today. He is particularly proud of the progress made in the last years, in which sales grew from 19 to 50 million euros and the number of employees rose from 150 to 250.

For the future, Dreher hopes that young people in particular will be motivated by the development of his company and translate even more visions into reality: "With SCHNEEWEISS AG Interior, Hiller has been transformed into a 'World of Ingenuity' which opens the doors to young creative minds with a feel for the future and a sense of tradition."